The seven deadly sins and the four last things – Bosch

Now...before I even begin to talk about the art work or that fantastic nutter, Hieronymus Bosch, there is an arguement that this painting may not have been his, but done by one of his students.  As we know with Michelangelo, signatures where not always a big thing in art previously as I guess for the [...]

Judith beading Holofernes – Caravaggio

Judith...she was a bit of a dude wasn't she.  Sexy seductress, murdering temptress and victorious saviour.   Caravaggio captures all of this in his picture, selecting the defining moment of Judith to portray.  Painted in 1599 this work has been talked about as a masterpiece within a masterpiece, but let's look at what is going [...]

Diomedes devoured by his horses – Moreau

Today I thought I would have a look at the roots of abstract art.  I know...this painting doesn't look abstact in the slightest...more renaissance or romanticism, but Gustave Moreau saw his work very differently. This was painted in 1865, Moreau broke away from that styles of those around him, reconciling the expression of his own [...]