Icarus book sculpture – Wetcanvas

There are some horrendously clever and talented people out there. I really love this book sculpture, although I do think it would be a bugger to dust.

Wetcanvas can be found on deviant art, and creates stunning paper sculptures of books. You can see more of the work here.

I have picked this as today's subject as there is a tenuous link to yesterday's picture.

The story goes…

Daedalus was a talented and renowned crafts man, he had been commissioned to create the labyrinth (no singing David Bowie here please), which housed the Minotaur for King Minos. In order to keep the secrets of the labyrinth from those who attempted to defeat it, King Minos imprisoned Daedalus and his son Icarus in the tower above his palace.

Daedalus, being clever and sharp minded, fashioned 2 pairs of wings from wax and feathers collected from the birds that landed on the tower. Before teaching Icarus to use the wings, Daedalus tested them out for himself. Satisfied with his creation, he fixed the second pair of wings to Icarus' arm. Before they took flight, Daedalus instructed his son not to fly too close to the sea as the damp would clog the feathers and not to fly too close to the sun as the heat would melt the wax. Icarus should follow his fathers line of flight and they would be able to get to the isle across the water safely.

As soon as Icarus felt the freedom that flight gave him, he forgot his father's words and soared high in to the sky, ignoring the calls from his father, he swooped and glided, flying higher and higher. Soon the wax started to melt and the feathers started to fall. As his wings turned to nothing, Icarus plunged to his death in to the sea.

So kids, the moral of the story is listen to your parents and don't go running to them if you fall off the wall they told you to climb with a broken leg.

As an aside the area where Icarus fell in the sea was then named the Icarian Sea and the isle that they were trying to escape to was called Icaria. Let's just class this as a Greek version of the Darwin awards…


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