The Cutty Sark

Nestled in the middle of Greenwich is the magnificent clipper ship the Cutty Sark. World renowned for being the fastest clipper to sail the seas, it is now a museum for the public to view just what it was like to be aboard this stunning vessel.

Starting on the bottom deck of the boat, you can learn about the cargo that the ship carries and the amazing journeyed that it undertook. Generally with only a crew of 26, this ship carried tea, wool, beer, household supplies etc. all over the world, covering the same amount of nautical miles as traveling to the moon and back two and a half times.

The deck is set up with video screens and projectors to bring to life the travels and paths this ship took.

Moving to the next deck up, you can see memorabilia of the ship. The weather vane which is to look like a Sark (a short under shirt), the ships bell, which was stolen, then later returned, cargo holds, telescopes and the star of India.

You can also walk in to the stern of this deck and look through the port holes, giving you the feel of what sailors would have seen .

Take the climb to the top deck and you can take in the splendid sight of the clippers masts. You can see the tiny living space and galley that the crew lived in and the just as small workshop. It's amazing to think that a new rudder for the ship was crafted in this tiny space while at sea during a race back from Shanghai against the Thermopylae.

Finally you can head down to the side of the boat. Now covered in a cooper composite as it's the closest to what it would have been covered in back in the 1800s, you can really appreciate the full size of the boat from this angle. There is a small café under here so you can have a good cup of tea while taking in the sight (if you like tea that is…personally I think it tastes like stewed grass).

In this space you can also see figure heads from the ship and some small but interesting art pieces, although I will say I thought more could be done down here.

This is lovely and relatively laid back place to visit in comparison to the other things you can see in Greenwich as, while it's interesting there is much less to take in, so doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed. It's right by the shopping area and you can have a wonder around the brilliant Greenwich market which is just near by.

I would recommend taking a few days to explore the sights of Greenwich as there is definitely something interesting around every corner.


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