Unicorn – Maerten De Vos

Unicorns seem all the rage these days, with sparkly horns and cutesy looks, and this is fine, but it has lost the true beauty and story behind this temperamental and enigmatic myth.  Personally I prefer the difficult nature of the myth to the little ray of sunshine that they are shown as now, but as [...]


The Mew Stone at the Entrance of Plymouth Sound – Turner

Today I take a little break from the post impressionist artist, and give a little dedication to my dad, who on Saturday completely surprised me by discussing the work of Turner with me. This is the man who, when I wax lyrical on art, he says he just sees the painting, so you can imagine, [...]

The Possibility Can Not be Displayed – Zhong Biao

  The definition of possibility is:- things that may happen or be the case.  Its such a simple description for something that potentially has such a impact on you. Possibilities are endless, and they twist and change with every decision we make in our lives.  Ultimately you can live your life with your eyes looking [...]