Woman with Parasol – Claude Monet

I think I would have quite liked to have been a lady of leisure, walking through beautiful gardens in the afternoon sunlight, it certainly beats staring at a computer screen for a rather large percentage of my week. It’s times like this that show my feminism gene is probably lacking some what, so please no [...]


The Mew Stone at the Entrance of Plymouth Sound – Turner

Today I take a little break from the post impressionist artist, and give a little dedication to my dad, who on Saturday completely surprised me by discussing the work of Turner with me. This is the man who, when I wax lyrical on art, he says he just sees the painting, so you can imagine, [...]

The Possibility Can Not be Displayed – Zhong Biao

  The definition of possibility is:- things that may happen or be the case.  Its such a simple description for something that potentially has such a impact on you. Possibilities are endless, and they twist and change with every decision we make in our lives.  Ultimately you can live your life with your eyes looking [...]

Tropic integration within a single tree community – Raoul Deleo

Tucked away on the second floor of the Rotterdam natural history museum, is an art exhibit by Raoul Deleo. This seems like a really odd place to have this type of display, as it's neither natural or truly historical, but none the less, this is an amazing world created by wondrous mind. 'During the last [...]